Fifty Shades of Something: Choosing the Right Eye Shadow

You’ll want to feel amazing about your choice of eye shadow and to achieve this you’ll need to feel confident about why you’re selecting a certain colour. To get this assured feeling, there are a few easy basics that need mastering.

Fifty Shades of Something

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Skin Tone

Our skin tones are defined as being warm or cool and knowing what your undertone is will help you to decide what product will suit you best. A cool skill tone requires cooler colours such as turquoise, grey, teal, lilac or light blue; warm tones suit coral, pink, dark and light brown, ivory, vanilla and bronze. You may also like to read:

Eye Colour

Regardless of whether you’re putting on wedding makeup in Belfast or you’re heading on a night out with the girls, choosing an eye shadow that complements your eye colour is a must. It helps to create a more natural look and will draw attention to your eyes.

For example, blue eyes look great with yellows, reds and oranges for a dramatic effect. Or, they can be enhanced with subtle shades of greens, purples or violets. Green eyes are given a twist when they’re adorned with pinks, maroons or purples while darker bronzes and coppers can help to accentuate the subtle flecks of browns and greys found in green eyes.

Most colours will work with brown eyes because brown is a combination of blue, yellow and red (three primary shades). Everything from soft purples to cool greys will look wonderful on those eyelids.

Hair Colour

When applying your eyeshadow with something like Ciara Daly makeup brushes always take your hair colour into consideration. Dark brown and black hair really suits smoky eye makeup  while also being great with subtle shades of yellows, reds and greens. To flatter blonde hair and the lighter skin tone that tends to come with it, paler violets, oranges and reds are ideal.

Redheads are given great scope with their eyeshadow as bold greens can give a truly dramatic look while neutral shades will help create a more understated feel. And, if you should have a bold hair colour, be creative with your eye shadow too – just try to use a complementing shade.

Whatever your skin tone, eye colour or hair colour, there’s an eclectic range of eyeshadows that you can choose from. Be individual and get experimental! Find out more fashion related ideas.

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