Tips for Moving with a baby or toddler

Facing a house move when you have a baby can feel like an incredibly stressful prospect but it is possible and people all over the world are doing every day without going mad! The following are some useful tips for planning the logistics like a military campaign to ensure the move goes without a hitch:

Talk about moving

If you have a toddler, telling them all about what is going to happen can be helpful. Small children often understand and capture more than we give them credit for. Talking to them will help them to know what to expect and make them feel comfortable. Use simple vocabulary and makes the experience feel like an adventure or something fun. Perhaps find a book on moving aimed at young people to help them understand the process. For a small baby, try not to stress too much as they will pick up on this and it can make them extra tetchy just when you could do without it.

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Make a list

Lists can be a saviour and help you avoid wasting time hunting for things. Pack non-essential things and mark the baby things ‘nursery’ so that you can quickly find what you need.

Important items should be placed in a separate bag and put to one side to take with you on the move. Some items you may want to include are:

Baby wipes



High chair or rocking chair

Blanket and a few favourite toys

Breast pump (if you use one)

Formula or food / juice


Toddler cup

Bottles and steriliser




Car seats


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Do not be afraid to ask for help. You’ll have your hands full with a baby and moving so ask for help from a babysitter, relatives or friends. How much help you need will depend on your child’s age. A newborn baby who sleeps through most of the day will be easier to keep an eye on than an energetic toddler who wants to get into everything. Hiring professional movers can also help you to focus on your baby and keep a normal routine. For Removals companies Essex, contact a site like Relocate Removal, a Removals companies Essex.

Maintaining a routine is essential for your baby. It will not be easy to stick to normal routines, but a level of consistency will benefit you both. A routine will help your child feel safe, which is really important during the move.

Do not forget the importance of baby-proofing your new home. Packaging materials must be disposed of as soon as possible and it’s a good idea to give the new place a thorough clean before little fingers began to touch everything. Some baby-proofing measures that are important include:

Child-resistant locks on drawers

Safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs

Keep small items away that could be a choking hazard

Secure windows

Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarm for the safety of everyone

Remove all chords hanging from curtains or blinds and cover electrical sockets with guards

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