We owe so much to Tim Burners-Lee. Who? Yes, he’s not the most well known of people but he should be. He was part of the Olympic opening ceremony in 2012. Really loads of kids waved at him and texted, emailed snapchatted to which he replied, quite earnestly “This is for everyone”. Thanks Tim. Why was he there? Simple, he invented the World Wide Web.

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The World Wide Web is the invention of 20th Century. On it, all human knowledge sits good and bad. Before you start on the internet it’s a good idea to have a like nice website design company Gloucester way come up with one for you. It’s one of the many industries that have grown out of its creation, check it out at https://www.net9design.com/ for an example.

What did Tim actually do? Brace yourself, in 1989 he made a proposal for an information management system. Exciting eh? Not only that but he also made it work with HTTP. What’s that? It’s the way the pages of the internet talk and transfer information so we can read it. He managed that in 1989 too.

Before you start saying “nerd”. Sir Tim in his youth was a keen trainspotter and learnt all about electronics from his Model railway sets. Sir Tim is quite a humble bloke about his achievement, especially as her was working at the CERN institute, where they basically play about with the big bang theory and try and learn about essence of existence, you know just the small subjects, at the time. CERN had the biggest internet node (where information gathers) in Europe. Sir Tim had a thought. How about we use this system to hold and convey information and knowledge electronically? It could be used to send, record, advertise, present and display information in a variety of ways that had only been dreamed about.

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All Sir Tim claims he did was mash together all the disparate bits of code and programs that were feeding into the internet to make one coherent message. The World Wide Web. Don’t believe me? Info.cern.ch is the first ever webpage. Try http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html Helpfully it tells you how to make a webpage, and explains the World wide web better than I can, but I would use the Gloucester guys first and foremost as they know this stuff hands down.

On e of the most amazing facts about the creation of the World Wide Web is that Sir Tim never made a penny out of it in Royalties as he could have. In one of the most stunning acts of altruism ever seen Sir Tim declared that the idea would be available for free, no patent applied. Therefore, anyone could use it and work with it. “This is for everyone” indeed.

The creation of the World wide web is considered to be the most significant event in global cultural history. I agree, Thanks Sir Tim.