Speaking of social networking is now synonymous with a new lifestyle. The emergence of social media linked the loss of “well-being” derived from the current situation, he has made a return to the “humanization and efficiency”, an essential requirement for growth.

The virtual presence is performed by persons, a great paradox

When we talk about business today, when we talk of networks, communities, associations, groups, social relations ultimately we are talking about a group of people interacting “virtually” built by their actions, new opportunities for further growth.

Virtual and real merge resulting in the new social order, one in which “you know relate” it is key to building a new lifestyle. There is no doubt that when it comes to lifestyle, we cannot leave out consumer habits, as is the analysis of these we can get to know the person individually and unique.

Virtue of necessity born Being community manager is a lifestyleVirtue of necessity born

The penetration of social media in our habits and customs gives us the ability to enter a process of specialization and permanent personal and professional growth. If we consider that the Internet is the only segment with growth figures and positive employment creation, it is not surprising that sharpens the wit and the exaltation of human kindness becomes a prerequisite. There is no alternative!

The new professions born under social phenomenon concentrated people able to effectively invest the time required for each of the activities a turn, new trends and opportunities.

Move towards the consolidation of a new society, a universe of Community Managers, in which all of us in a constant process of specialization and learning, can reach a universe of people looking for what we deliver, thus achieving the consolidation of a new network. A new lifestyle!

Innovation will emerge as an essential element in strengthening the influence and begin to glimpse a stage that has resources of monetary nature and so much “noise” is insufficient if we fail to creativity and commitment to creating “unique”, accompany each of our actions.

We know what our competition, we know what quality is, and we identify the value added in other brands, the key is can we make the spirit of Community Manager in all of us, give answers, yes or no?

The constant specialization, much more than being

The presence in Social Media is only effective when we have clear future goals, be in social networks without having established an efficient operating procedure that integrates a team formed by the union of talents, it can lead to our reputation online.

Being Community Manager is a lifestyle

It certainly exciting reflects on the many “personalities” that make up who we are? On the net. We are prosumers, we are Networkers, we are entrepreneurs, planners, statisticians, psychologists, anthropologists, economists, and we are, all, Community Managers.

Or at least … well, it should. be the key to attaining establish and focused on emotions are found in the precepts governing ethics and commitment to long-term links:

What you expect to receive delivery: It is the best way to generate empathy that allows us to innovate.

Do not turn from the truth: The responsibility for our actions, it is essential to building credibility. Ethics remains one of the main obstacles to the marks on his path to success in Social Media.

Social, virtual and real: The new business culture, the new person after each action, the new Community manager in all of us should be real-life experiences that make the person we are today, is what ultimately allows the emergence of creativity, which is perceived by our customers as an “emotion”. Being social is a lifestyle, a way of relating, in the virtual world and also in the real world.

Interacts and listen: Ubiquity? Multiple personalities? After this does not seem strange to us to tell us that it is essential to achieve a balance between interaction and active listening, social bonds are formed when the joint and mutual benefit is for the parties.

Finally the essence of the new lifestyle, originality and the unique nature of our actions

Ongoing analysis on which we have built what today defines the Community Manager that all of us, has taught us about how useless and harmful it can be for our brand, interaction based on the continuous promotion of our actions, the incessant plagiarism what we do and the total lack of commitment to the needs of others.

The new lifestyle requires us to be original and develop our own creativity, only in this way we will achieve growth through only thing that works in a cycle of limited resources and high standards, like the present; the innovation.

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