It is indisputable social action confluence of two increasingly bonded areas.We have our business plan, strategies and actions to perform clearly defined and thus, we aim both to our target audience, and our allies.

Until relatively recently, actions to achieve either goal were clearly differentiated. However, the arrival of the “consumer experience” as the core of advertising, presents us with a scenario in which customers become brand ambassadors and contribute with their own innovation, becoming allies.

Managing criticism on social media to generate influence and trustWhy increasing criticism in the Social Media

Criticism in the Social Media increase by many factors. They do it for exhibition, no doubt that more social lattices with different objectives that interact, greater visibility and therefore … vulnerability.

They also do as part of the strategies of other brands, unable to overcome, innovate, grow and be efficient, found in the empty criticism, your marketing strategy.

And so do for mismanagement, errors in processes, through ignorance, disconnect the equipment or lack of planning and foresight.

In managing the critical need to address issues related to the efficient interaction of team leadership skills of those responsible for the community and comprehensive and continuous analysis of social action derived from our strategies. You may also like to read:

Do you want to influence? Do you know manage criticism?

At present the “management of criticism in the Social Media” emerges as a step towards achieving be influential.

No brand will be consolidated as a benchmark for their industry if you do not know restore balance after a crisis meeting deadlines, objectives and commitments (regardless) or, if unable to maintain neutralized criticism focused on a decline in reputation without any reason.

Facing a crisis, manage an adverse comment, put out a fire before it spreads and cracking of the reputation of the brand, are unmistakable and unavoidable actions in the growth process.

Only performing global learning processes that combine ethics and experience, it is the seamless integration with the efficiency of social platforms will occur.

Show that we properly manage a crisis is itself a marketing strategy to achieve more efficient trust, loyalty and the incorporation of our customers as active elements of brand growth.

Management actively listening criticism

Finally we must not forget that the ROI of investments focused on championing users through the delivery of “unique experiences” … is optimal shielding of the brand is greater the more customers champions possess.

properly manage criticism and get it a positive experience is the best introduction to deliver to our customers and partners.

It is as simple as active listening … hence the keys that draw the thin line that separates success from failure are obtained.

The consumer is boss, he says what he wants and how he wants, you have to give … Listen to the community, listen to competition, listening to users and … listen to metric.

Of course! … In the long run, with perseverance, perseverance and much, much work. Social networks are efficient, but the effort and overcoming, are our contribution to growth. Check more digital marketing tips here.