Make no mistake, the Community Manager is not a road!

Yes, we know that Community Managers have emerged as one of the great heroes of Social Media. This new profession with rising demand, is vital for the development of the brand because of you – and his actions depends on the “user experience”.

However, despite its importance, it is essential to keep in mind that no Community Manager can manage a brand without a team focused on social strategy and management of the various tools offered by the social network.

Make no mistake, the Community Manager is not a road!The team that needs a Community Manager

It is therefore an essential requirement that the Community Manager is part of a team of professionals who design and implement different strategies team, without forgetting the importance to the voice of the brand, have an ally cohesion different areas of the company and a professional in the generation of high quality content focus.

The efficiency of strategies in Social Media is contingent on the union formed by “individual talent” achieve, through the interaction the customer confidence in the business model by betting the brand teams.

Ubiquity and efficiency, impossible without computer

The ability to be ubiquitous in the network that gives us today, it will not help unless we have an efficient team. The Community Manager requires teamwork with other professionals to help you develop and execute brand strategy.

If you are not working with a team that nurtures and complement, both stocks and knowledge, the efficiency of the Community Manager will be lowered.

And while it is true that around this profession catapulted to the altars as a panacea for brands to resolve the crisis without seeing undermined its reputation, have created great myths that should banish. You may also like to read:

The social strategy, responsibility Community Manager

This is totally false, it is optimal to meet a manager multifunctional community, who knows the most suitable for the market strategic vision that will represent however, the determination of the social strategy that will adopt the mark in relation to the day, it is an explicit function of the Social Media Manager.

And talk about a long-term social strategy, the Community Manager must have the help of Social Media Strategist.

A Community Manager can carry several brands?

Another great myth to banish, the main problem is the exclusive dedication that requires communication with customers, and targeting the objectives of the brand, which is complicated if the Community Manager dispersed talent among different business models.

Conclusions, teamwork efficiency

Ultimately we can conclude that although the Community Manager is the unequivocal link the brand with its target audience.

The ability to create dynamic communities whose interaction new needs and opportunities arise, is conditional on the computer on which it is integrated, only joint action team work, is what makes the Community Manager, the true voice of the brand. Check more digital marketing tips here.

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