Educational Marketing: when to sell is 100% communication

It is interesting to observe how the educational industry works. In general the question has to do with access and opportunities for all, quality education and concordance with the times, as well as infrastructure issues.

On the other hand, whatever the dynamics, the fact remains that from schools, universities, colleges and institutions providing educational services a big issue is how to seduce your target market, their future students of growing and valuable way.

There have been many cases where it has even resort to traditional marketing practices, making gifts as a way to encourage preference. This is the essence of education as a commodity.

Educational Marketing when to sell is 100% communicationAlthough I cannot share that vision, on the other hand it is understandable for legitimate educational institutions need to draw the attention of your target market. The issue, in my opinion, goes through the perceived value of those who decide.

If we consider:

Perceived value = (Emotional Benefits) / (Price + Risk)

Applying these concepts to education:

Benefits = Program plus more additional academic training. It is all that can be as educational offer.

Emotional benefits = is “it” intangible, emotional experience that achieves contact and references is attractive and seductive for applicants. The alma mater and sense of belonging.

Price = is a known and decisive variable, but unwieldy communicatively to a particular institution within a range, so consider it as fixed.

Risk = is the reputation and positioning of the institution.

So if we think about the strategic audiences of each institution: postulants, parents, current students, environment and others, we could visualize how we influence the perception of value for each. Each will impress different things.

Communicate effectively and empathetically concrete benefits, emotional benefits and work reputation preferences generate equal price.

If we consider the whole universe of people connected in one way or another with the institution, to know them in depth and learn about their concerns and “sorrows, we can work in an integrated way this perception of value and generate no less impact on the quality and quantity of license plates.

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