Why building an extension to increase the size of your home is a great investment

With the economic crisis the whole world is experiencing at the moment, the cost-of-living being higher than ever, house prices sky-rocketing and mortgage rates going up it’s no surprise that more and more families are deciding to build an extension on their current homes rather than move to a bigger property.  Increasing the size of a smaller property is always going to improve its value so investing in an extension is a wise decision and one that will make money in the future.  With the help of a qualified builder, you can design and get plans approved for your new conservatory, dining room or bedroom at the back of your current home.

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Of course, once planning permission has been granted your builder will want to lay firm and secure foundations for your extension. He will no doubt choose to use a professional concrete supplier such as monstermixconcrete.co.uk/ because they specialise in providing Concrete Gloucester and can supply quality concrete at a great price.  The laying of the concrete is probably the most important part of the construction and having a reputable company who can provide your builder with the exact and precise quantity and quality of concrete you need is essential.

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If the floor isn’t laid properly or the concrete mixture isn’t the right consistency for your extension the whole building project could be at risk.  That’s why getting the right concrete base is the most important stage of your build and will make you the most money.


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