Where did we buy our clothes from?

The simple answer to that is from a shop. But not just any shop. There was a time when a journey into town to buy a suit was a rite of passage. It was a way of becoming closer to being a man. For the most part your mother took you but sometimes even Dad would tag along to make sure that a shirt was right or the shoes were correct. These were the hay days of the Gentlemans outfitters. Here was a shop that took your measurements (although not in the way Joey Tribbinani thinks it should be done!) and an outfit was made for you, This was expensive and for the most part it was more likely that mum would take you to Woolworths or even C and A if she was feeling a bit flush.

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Nowadays we have a much better system. The internet has removed the need for costly parking permits and tickets or having to sit next to people on the bus. If you are after some new togs, and what better than some Diesel Clothes, then just click on to https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/diesel.html to see the full range of wonderful clothes. You may also like to read https://carroussa.com/business/things-to-consider-when-designing-a-fabric-structure/

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Is there still something to be said for the gentlemans outfitters? Maybe when we were all wearing frock coats, top hats cloak, waistcoat, shirt. Tie, pocketwatch, shoes and trousers then perhaps. Thankfully ours is more a simpler time for clothing and anyway someone wearing all of that get up would have had to have been an Earl or something back then. Check out more business tips.

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