Where Are Hydraulic Pumps Used?

There are many places where you will find hydraulic pumps being used. They are heavily used in the mining, drilling and manufacturing industries. Three different kinds of hydraulic pumps exist: gear pumps, cylinder pumps and hydraulic jet pumps. Which type of hydraulic pump would be most efficient?

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A gear-driven pump functions by using pistons to move fluids through a hydraulic system. The piston pumps can provide you with the highest pressure, which makes them ideal for applications where you need the greatest amount of force, such as drilling or pumping. However, if your application does not require the use of pistons, you may prefer to use a cylinder pump. A cylinder pump has fewer moving parts, which allows it to be more efficient than piston pumps, even at higher pressures. For more information on Fluid Power, visit dana-sac.co.uk/fluid-power/

Hydraulic pumps can be found in countless industries, where work would be too hard to complete with manpower alone. They are used in industries such as mining, aerospace, agriculture, healthcare and construction equipment.

Where might you encounter hydraulic systems in everyday life?

Vehicle braking systems

Petrol station fuel pumps


Theme park rides


Rubbish trucks


Adjustable chairs

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As you can see, the role of hydraulic systems is vast in society, as well as providing automated machinery to do jobs that would be too time consuming and tough for humans. The pumps are essential to the functioning of the system as they are responsible for pushing hydraulic fluid through the system.


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