What Are Botanical Extracts?

Botanical extracts are used in aromatherapy products today. What are these products? They can be used to create an effective body wash and for treating skin related problems. Aromatherapy products which use botanicals as the main ingredients are becoming more popular because there are no known adverse side effects to this type of product. Aromatherapy products are usually produced by combining essential oil with other botanical extracts to create a unique and balanced formula. The most used oils are jojoba, sandalwood, cypress, rose, patchouli, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oil.

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In order to understand what botanical extracts are, we need to understand how natural botanicals are processed. Botanicals are all natural, non-toxic, and plant-based compounds. Botanical extracts can be purchased in retail stores or online. For best results, purchase products made by a reputable company which uses pure natural botanicals. These extracts are also available for adding to food and drink. For Flavouring Manufacturers, visit a site like Flavouring manufacturers stringer flavour

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There are various types of essential oils available, including lemon, mint, rose, tea tree, citrus, chamomile and orange. Most of the oils used in aromatherapy are derived from plant sources because plants are able to contain essential oil which can be readily extracted from the plant and utilized in making botanical products, thereby avoiding the possibility of chemical interactions with the plant. Check out more business tips.

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