For centuries, oak trees have been around in the UK and they have featured in many myths and legends. Ancient oaks are protected and a competent person needs to authorise and perform any work carried out on them. One of those people who fall into that category is the Tree Surgery Gloucester based company Geoffrey Urch.


If you’ve got oak trees, here are some fun things you may not be aware of.


Acorns are the seeds of an oak tree, and if a tree lived to be 1000 years old, it is thought that over 10 million acorns would have been produced in its lifetime.

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With the latest number being about 600, there are hundreds of different varieties of oak tree. They are all oak trees, but they vary in appearance, often very slightly, from one another. This is like people with different coloured hair and eyes. We are all people, but we look slightly different and th.


A fully mature oak tree can grow to an impressive 45 metres tall, putting it in the category of medium tree height.

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Oak trees are believed to have been present on our planet for over 65 million years, making them one of the oldest trees in our country that still survive and have been able to live for more than a thousand years.


Historically they have been crucial. Robin Hood is said to have used one as a base, King Charles the second used one to avoid capture and they were the backbone of the British Navy building ships like the HMS Victory.