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Fire Safety Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, whether of a single or multiple properties, it’s vital that you take fire safety seriously and comply with all the necessary fire regulations. There are a number of systems that you can fit, including standard smoke detectors, or if you’re looking for a more innovative system such as Plumis Automist Bristol companies are available to install these. Here are some key points for landlords to ensure that you cover the most important areas of fire safety.

installing automist

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Risk Assessment

When you take on a new property, or before new tenants move in, you should conduct a fire risk assessment. This will help you to identify the potential hazards and how these can be controlled.

Check Electrical Installations

Dodgy wiring can often go unnoticed, but could start a fire if a spark is ignited. If the electrical system in your property is particularly old, you should have this checked by a professional as soon as possible to highlight any serious issues. It’s also important to conduct regular checks yourself and visually examine sockets and switches annually to ensure that they’re intact.

Fit Smoke Detectors

Landlords are required to have fire alarms installed on each floor of a property where there are living areas. There is a range of battery-powered and mains-operated detectors available on the market, and companies such as can be useful if you have a large portfolio of properties and fire safety measures need to be addressed.

Check the Doors

Self-closing internal doors can be beneficial, as they will help to contain a fire. This will reduce the risk of stairways and exits becoming blocked.

Educate Your Tenants

Even if you’ve made all the appropriate fire safety checks on your property, there can still be a risk if your tenants are not properly educated. They need to ensure that they change batteries in the smoke detectors and check regularly that they are working correctly. It’s also important that they notify you of any potential problems, especially in relation to electrical or gas appliances.

Investing in fire safety measures will not only help to protect your property, but they could also be essential for saving the life of your tenants. This is not a risk that is worth taking, so it’s vital that your property is as safe as possible before you allow tenants to move in.

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