Diseases that can affect trees

Unfortunately, there are several different pests and diseases that have a negative impact on the trees of our country. Our wildlife and woodland areas are also affected by the knock-on impact. That is why knowledge of the issues facing trees will help us decide if problems exist in our own back gardens. Here are only a few examples of our trees facing problems that a Tree Surgeon Poole based company Kieran Boyland can help with.

Acute Decline of Oak

Black patches on stems and trunks that seem to be crying are the obvious indicators that acute oak decline is occurring. Where these patches weep, the bark may have fissures or longitudinal breaks. Initially, the health of the canopy seems great, but this starts to decrease over time.

It is thought that a stress response to drought or a bacterial infection from the bark beetle may be the cause. Fortunately, infected trees will recover, but trees left untreated that are seriously affected will die within about 5 years after the first signs appear. You may also like to read https://carroussa.com/business/fire-safety-tips-for-landlords/

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Dieback of ash

This is a severe disease that, right across Europe, is responsible for destroying ash trees. In the UK, but also culturally, the ash tree is important for local ecological systems. There is a great deal of anxiety about this issue’s importance.

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It is caused by a fungus within trees that blocks the water transportation system. This results in the loss of the leaf, bark lesions and the dying back of the crown. Before rapidly spreading west to the rest of the continent, the disease was first seen in Poland in 1992. It was discovered in the UK in nursery stock in 2012 and in the wild a year later, although it may have been here for some time before that. Check out more business tips.

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