5 ideas for setting up a small business with low investment

Leaving employee life to own a small creative business is the dream of many people. But what to do when there are few resources at your disposal? Identifying an unmet demand or an unsolvable problem is the first step in creating a small business. In this article, you will know some ideas to establish a small business with low investment.

Franchising or own business?

If you are new to the business field, the first decision you should make is about the business model. It is necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the two main options (investing in a franchise or opening a company of your own) to find out which one is ideal for your need and profile.

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There are a number of peculiarities that deserve your attention. For example, while the rankings have standardized and immutable processes (which were already successful elsewhere), the option of opening a company of its own allows you to do the management in the way you prefer.

In terms of financial resources, investing in a franchise tends to be easier to measure in the medium and long term, as there is a prior planning with a specific schedule. On the other hand, the possibility of expanding a business of its own and gaining market representativeness is attractive to many entrepreneurs, which justifies the option of opening a company of its own. It all depends on your profile and what you crave.

Five Ideas for Starting a Small Business

First, you need to identify an unmet demand in the industry or in the segment where you want to act. It can be a problem for which there is no solution or improvement process, either with superior quality, a more competitive price or a differentiated attention.

To be sure that the idea is feasible and justified in the region’s business ecosystem, it is worth investing in a market analysis. So you can understand the profile and demands of consumers, the situation of competition and possible business relationships with suppliers. Then, think of some ideas to establish a small business and evaluate the options according to your reality:

  1. Logistics

Investing in the logistics segment can be a good choice in large shopping centers. With a small investment in motorcycles and medium vehicles, it is possible to compose a fleet for fast deliveries, between small distances, in order to streamline the corporate day-to-day.

  1. Cleaning

Who works and studies outside the home usually has little time for housework and home cleaning. In addition to investing in household cleaning, you can create a company that specializes in cleaning after work, in ecologically correct environments, upholstery or carpets, for example.

  1. Event

Consider establishing a small company to plan organizes and budget events such as graduations, birthdays and weddings. The client raises the requirements and the company works to attend these conditions in the best way and for the lowest value.

  1. Education

What is the value of a well-trained professional? Depending on the demand, it is possible to provide language courses, disinhibition, public speaking, leadership, etc. There are several possibilities, and almost all require a low initial investment.

  1. Beauty

The category of beauty offers a wide range of investment alternatives for those who intend to establish a small business. From cosmetics to hair removal, to skin cleansing and hair styling, there are many options for both women and men.

Finally, it is important to remember that, regardless of the idea chosen, it will require a great deal of dedication to make the business profitable. Remember patience and perseverance are the conditions for success.

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