What can I do to start my own business? This is a completely valid for any professional wishing to plunge into the world of independent service questions.

Any experience gained after years dedicated to the profession in other companies certainly prepared for many things, but not to have their own business.

BusinessThis is the main reason why many professionals who have the desire to be independent thinking … and still do it for weeks, months and years, and are discouraged. And unfortunately it is also the reason why some have been released, have failed.

The lack of preparation for having a business is not a catastrophe. There is more than a necessity to be able to meet on the way to be a successful professional. If you feel identified with some of the two situations I mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you’ve been thinking but the big obstacle that’s stopping you is “you do not know how”, these keys will help you get started:

1. What is the Market need to Resolve?

First, you need to be clear, what is the need in the market that you will be attending. Do not fool yourself by saying that if you cannot find it then you have to create it because that’s not how the market works. You cannot “create” a necessity. If the market need does not exist, you cannot create it.

What you can do is to awaken a need or arouse a feeling that drives this need. Is the typical case of those ads “so well made” that motivate us to use something that does not need. Not really created a necessity, but awoke a feeling that drove our consumption.

2. How are you going to meet that need?

Here it come into play not only your years of experience in the profession and your academic background, but also your talents and strengths, within which you can note if accounts with creativity, ability to empathize with your client and with good potential “gifts of people “, the latter being understood by exceptional communication with your customers and potential customers.

At this point you will be able to design not only the product / service but also the communication of it. Remember you can have the most wonderful service market, the most effective, economical and quality, but if your client does not know, or not, “he comes” that information probably will not have a sale.

3. How do you take the Business Forward?

I imagine you may have noticed that it is not possible to go improvising on the fly or seeing what actions do to run your business from the start. Need a plan to organize such actions. But for this, you first need to know what actions or strategies or initiatives will carry forward. That’s a business model issue.

Do not confuse this term with the “business plan”. A business plan is a key document that a business with the intention of communicating the idea and realize there market analysis, competition, distribution channels, cost structure, etc. are described. It is an essential tool when investors or even to seek some legal presentations. You’ll find lots of information on the Internet in order to make this document.

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