More than half of the websites they visit mobile users are not optimized

No matter the number of pixels that has the screen, the user what they want is to have the same standards of usability in the web version, and that your experience is the same. And not all companies are fully satisfying consumer expectations.

Functionality, speed and content optimization for a smaller screen remain among the duties of many brands. When the number of mobile searches has increased fivefold in the last two years and 3 out of 4 users use it to buy, pamper much more mobile version is already an imperative.

More than half of the websites they visit mobile users are not optimizedDeficiencies are mobile users and consumers remain very basic and essential for any company. Eptica’s latest study on Mobile Consumer Experience (2013) in the UK demonstrated. 52% of respondents say half of the websites that I visitant are well optimized for proper navigation from their devices and mobile phones.

The most disappointing for 36% of respondents issue is the lack of functionality in both the mobile version and apps. 34% of them said that the web is slow when loading, ie it takes more than 5 seconds, the maximum time average expect most customers before leaving the page.

The third problem most mentioned in the survey (34%) is the lack of optimization of sites for smaller screens. Having to enlarge the tiny screen to access menus designed for a web version, greatly complicates the user experience and becomes too cumbersome task to return.

Therefore, according Eptica, companies that are unable to keep up with mobile customer expectations are at risk of damaging their own brand image, have higher costs and record a fall in sales. “If you do not offer the consumer a decent mobile experience, your customers to competitors who themselves have understood how this channel works will go,” warn Eptica’s blog on this matter.

The mobile is part of the daily lives of many consumers. 91% of the adult population already has a smartphone and more than half of them uses it at least once a day for information. Not aware of this reality can be a decline in business now and especially the future.

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