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Varied types of custom conveyors and their uses

Custom conveyors or stainless steel conveyors are mostly seen in manufacturing units. It is the manufacturing sector that makes use of such conveyors. Custom conveyors help to increase the productivity of the entire production process, and certainly come in handy. There are different types of conveyors that are used to convey various materials during a manufacturing process. With great technological improvements, many industries prefer making their custom conveyors so that there is more productivity in their production lineup.

The prime advantage of custom conveyors is that they are very convenient to install and they also require very little effort. They even require minimal maintenance. And, the cost of maintenance is also very affordable. 

custom conveyors
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What are types of conveyors that are available in the market? 

There are different types of conveyors available in the market, and these conveyors are utilized for multiple purposes. For instance, the food handling conveyors are widely used in the food processing and the food manufacturing industries, and the automated conveyors are mostly used in the airports, the automobile manufacturing industries and other similar segments.

Types of conveyors and their uses:

  • Belt Conveyor

It is a system of belt that moves constantly, and it has two pulleys tied at the end of the conveyor. It is generally used to move hard and heavy materials horizontally, and it can also be used as an inclined plane to move things up and down in the form of a slip conveyor. Its main components are the belt cleaner, the belt chute, the pulley, the drive, the tramps, the surge hoppers and feeders and many more. 

  • A chain conveyor

This type of conveyor is used mainly in those large-scale production units where heavy goods, automobile parts and many steel and iron structural fittings are generally need to be transported from one position to another. With the help of a series of chains, this conveyor can be used to include different heavy items, and mechanics need not worry over the heavy goods which can easily be hauled even in bulk, due to the chain support system. Due to the constant arrangement of chains, this type of conveyor is also used in warehouses and they can even be helpful in transporting pallets or heavy industrial containers from one place to another. 

  • Automated conveyor systems

As the name itself suggests, this type of conveyor system consists of different automated segments and conveyor systems which can be used for small-scale and even for large-scale industrial units. They are much easier to handle and to use, when compared to other machines or forklifts, for lifting materials or for carrying heavy things from one place to another. They can be hydraulic in nature, fully automated and they are generally widely used in aerospace technology, food processing and agricultural industries, and even in packaging, bottling, canning and chemical industries. 

  • Powered conveyors

These again, can be divided into the power belt conveyors and the power roller conveyors depending on their utility and also on their mechanism. They operate by using a motorized form of driving system which helps to transport large-scale industrial goods from one place to another. Since they fully depend on the large-scale power consumption for their operation, therefore, they are widely used in those industries which depend on large-scale productions of commodities and goods. 

  • Stainless steel conveyors

They are not just hardy and durable but conveyors made of stainless steel are also resistant to fire, corrosion, wear and tear due to regular use. So they can easily be used in any industry. 

  • Food handling conveyors

As the name suggests, these conveyors are mainly used in the food processing and food packaging industries, where large-scale food production is required. They are also used to deliver food items in airports, and even in large restaurant chains.

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