Bangkok will be hosting the fourth annual LED Expo from 26th to 29th May 2016 and the organiser, EIPC, has announced that for the first time it will be holding an event for PCB electronics companies to showcase their products to ASEAN buyers. Following the three previous successful yearly LED events, buyers and suppliers requested a diversification into the printed circuit board technology area to enable one-stop shopping for the electronics trade at this international exhibition.

PCB Expo

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To be held at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok, organiser MEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd has arranged for the 880-square-metre exhibition hall to host over 50 exhibitors over the four days. This joint show will bring together the very best in LED and PCB technologies and the latest advances in electronic product design and components from laminated and toroidal transformers to full boards. Companies offering and buying solutions for PCB testing and reliability, chemical and materials will also be represented.

Available exhibition space

Members of PCB associations meeting these criteria are being invited to exhibit at this event and the association executives will be provided with VIP entry to the official opening ceremony and hotel accommodation. The associations will receive a host of benefits, including complimentary seats in the seminars, display booths, business matching services and advertising within the exhibition literature.

The event is expected to be a truly international affair, attracting around 3,000 trade delegates from across the world and encouraging information gathering and networking between established specialists such as Siga Transformers and electronic startup businesses attending their first exhibition.

Future PCB market development

The Thai government is actively promoting foreign investment in technology and innovation, with Thailand developing a huge and rapidly-developing market for electronics as a result. This continued expansion has made Thailand one of the leading players in the ASEAN Free Trade Area. Those in the electric and electrical components sectors would do well to remember this and ensure that they are well placed to tap into this potential $60bn budget. In this emerging market there are plenty of opportunities for forward-thinking companies to replace declining market orders in other areas of the world.

This new exhibition promises to fulfil the requirements of both buyers and suppliers; therefore, companies interested in exhibition space should not miss this outstanding opportunity.