Why in the business of mobile applications they have decided to stop charging users?

Many of the successful Apps born with payment applications, have become free for several reasons: The cost of CPM. As the mobile CPM is high, applications become a model for advertising, freemium business model is derived to seize this opportunity. Besides, that way find it faster expand and grow.

Overall it is gained more publicity charging for downloading the application. Most of the price of applications for Apple devices are for the own company on the block, slowing to some companies to take payment applications.

Why in the business of mobile applications they have decided to stop charging usersThese with some of the conclusions that reveals the summary of the second meeting of leaders and managers with high traffic websites, report organized by Networking Active.

In this regard, the report also mentions that the number of buyers of mobile applications is decreasing. Tops of the AppStore are misleading, as an application that is in the top 10 in Spain alone has been downloaded 3000 times.

It is estimated that there is not enough inventory of impressions on mobile devices for all campaigns available and supports more advertisers.

Attitude of advertisers to this inventory’re usually from ignorance. Where it emits How to measure ?. Given these doubts, he prefers to invest in media that make up the traditional way, and who knows measure and interpret.

Brands have to take into account that one thing is the application (in which we have to study the ratio download / use) and another is browsing from mobile phone. Each brand, each site will end up with one or more Apps, as entry points to their sites or m.mobile own service to enjoy the site. The strategy will follow the site search traffic or direct sales.

For that we need to know where it is and that makes mobile traffic. There monetization options but you have to explore.

Web, companies and brands that seek design Apps for mobile applications or sites should consider some aspects and details: Find the maximum return on free apps. Achieving critical mass – volume of visits, users, especially downloads applications WhatsApp network effect type. Experience of use must refer shopping experience.

Other details reveal that market research and user type defines purchases or lack of them. Sales are harder on Android than iPhone, for example.

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