We are filled the mouth talking numbers of cross-Channell and multi-screen users. The mobile has changed the behavior patterns of consumption and increasing online penetration is bigger. But we often forget that there is a part of the population for which it is the only access they have to the virtual world, often not by choice, but because it is the most economical way to do it.

Who pays attention to mobile users onlyThe last two years have experienced an exponential growth in the use of mobile devices. Only the use of smartphones has grown by 55% over the last 24 months and nearly three-quarters of who own one are connected to the Internet daily to browse, search, local information, connect to social networks and sometimes make purchasing decisions accordingly.

It is true that most users combine mobile use with laptop and desktop computers and mobile consumers that are relatively only a minority, 6% according to eMarketer study “Redefining Mobile-Only Users”. Its share has remained unchanged since the beginning of the year, while the numbers of users combine multiple devices grows at the same rate that decreases the number of consumers who use computers only.

However, it is emerging other mobile consumer exclusively or almost exclusively. One who performs certain types of activities only on their mobile devices, such as search, social network capable consult or listen to music. Within these channels, SMOs (selective mobile-only users) are virtually unattainable for brands that are not directly pointing their mobile efforts. Because the reality is that desktop pages have between 20% and 30% of dead angle that fail and it is important to consider when planning, implementing and evaluating the various stages of a campaign.

In the Sephora brand, for example, data and statistics have forced him to prioritize mobile and think first of these devices to trace any action on your online store. They have studies that tell them that there are people who only buy via mobile phone. 31% of those with mobile internet, use it as their only form of connection.

EMarketer data speak only 6% of mobile users, but ComScore points higher figures in the 20 most important pages in number of unique visitors, and even Forrester Research noted in April double-digit percentages. His report suggested that around 25% of social media users only had access to them through their mobile devices.