There is some vocabulary that all Community Manager should know and handle, or at least know what it means. It is common practice that often we are found in words or terms which descriptions meaning, but in the end want Anglicisms or not … they end up prevailing.

That is why, it is best to know, especially those most common and used, so here are some of these terms will be very useful insurance.

Vocabulary and terms that all Community Manager should knowA-List Blogger
refers to bloggers with greater visibility in the blogosphere.

Flame Warriors
dangerous version of the troll. Your goal in social media is “mounting anger” to the first comment. They can cause real crisis if the administrator does not know how to handle it .

Social Awareness
“A layer of” social sharing “of geo-sensitive content in real time. A layer intended’re in it to almost unnoticed, almost but not want: that you are a Gmail user, you will find Buzz more or less direct way.

Soial-Media Press Release
New way to create press releases by a company based on the philosophy of Web 2.0: virality and collaboration.

refers to the creation of Internet – generated comments to promote a brand or a specific topic. Widely used in public relations campaigns.

refers to the orange icon that identifies the RSS or aggregators sources.

Losing your job for something posted on the personal blog.

translation of the English word threaden regard to chain messages created in response to a post or any other content.

A politician who has his own blog and posts.

Blogs created to create hyperlinks to improve the positioning of another blog or a website. Ghosts are often called blogs.

When a post or topic has so many replicas in the blogosphere that is picked up by traditional media.

Check in (Foursquare)
Indicates where you are physically.

Shutter trends

Twitter Job
New spam is booming. Trying to recruit people to create Twitter accounts and send spam to users in exchange for money. (Multilevel)

Social Graph (Social Graph)
Visual representation of different interconnections that individuals, groups and organizations have between them in different social platforms.

Techie (Geek)
Derivation of the word technology to refer to the person who has great interest in technology and new devices. That is, someone like you who are reading this.

Social Flow (Social Traffic)
Current continuous information between users of different social media.

Social CRM
process to monitor, capture and manage conversations and customer relations and influencers through social platforms.

method by which certain content is displayed according to the visitor location.

ORM (Online Reputation Management)
Managing online reputation. Booming with the emergence of social media marketing.