Sell ​​more loyalty of its customers

Many entrepreneurs, businessmen and executives, they ask to do to increase sales of your company. When they confronted loyalty, at least some groups of customers perceive it as something distant and complicated, however, perhaps not exactly as imagined. Talking about customer loyalty will bring a welcome result: increased purchase made by its customers, i.e. increased rates visit their establishments, and subsequent repeat purchase by them. And even more: to achieve this is not as complicated as it seems, even if it requires focus, consistency, strategies and processes to achieve it.

If you choose to consider a loyalty program start by knowing your customers. What does this mean? Knowing who you are, how old they are, how many are, how they buy, they buy, such as pay, how much they spend each time they purchase, frequency of purchases, preferred to make purchases days. Logically, before considering these questions, you should already have a record with the same basic data. With proper management of information, you may “know” their customers and can offer products according to their characteristics and needs, at the right time and for the same conditions. All this involves performing customer intelligence management.

Sell more loyalty of its customersSurely you have internal records (data) with which it can meet the aforementioned aspects. Should properly structure your database, and in this respect ideally incorporate technologies that help you store and segment their customer base, but not mortified by this: at this time can be found in the market excellent applications and very good prices.

Another ingredient necessary is to have a minimum amount of people to help you structure and manage your database in order to identify the behavioral profiles of its customers. If he manages this, you can say that at least has begun to know their customers. Before continuing, let me give you a recommendation: do not leave in the hands of IT staff administration and management of the database, this should be done administered and managed by the marketing staff that you have selected, which should work shoulder to shoulder with the staff of information technology. The reason for this approach is based on the fact that the marketing staff knows the market is prepared to perceive and medicament interpret the characteristics of its customers and the changes that occur constantly and can identify the data that must be crossed to gain information as we wish. At this point, the marketing staff must work alongside staff to adapt the software technology that is designed or is acquired to the needs of the empress achieve business objectives.

That said, if you already have knowledge of their customers, the next step is to identify the best. Who can be your best customers? You can set depending on the volume of purchases made, seniority thereof, the contribution they make to your business in terms of purchase, etc. Towards these customers you will concentrate its loyalty, without implying that neglects the rest of your portfolio.

It made the previous phase, focus on achieving a constant and fluid communication with its customers. Do not forget your customers! Maintain systematic contact, but is perceived by them as something natural and personalized.

Reward them, privileges to be consistent with you. Ask surveys according to the characteristics thereof. That is, prizes, privileges and recognition must relate to their profile, which equates to know their characteristics, expectations and needs.

Remember that the goal of everything we have described is to repeat successive purchases by its customers. To the extent that you achieve that frequency of visits and transactions with them, you will strengthen relations. But for this to happen, do not forget that all this interaction just posed is based on excellent quality of service, treatment and care.

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