20 to consider measures to be creative commercially

Creativity is a competition that is absolutely necessary to develop an efficient and profitable marketing. That is, to be able to capture the customer’s attention, to differentiate ourselves from other competitors, to be able to convey who we are, to show we offer, to have more innovative products, uses of these broader, combinations of uses or products / services that generate new needs satisfaction, etc .., the question is how that creativity is generated in the company.

Regrettably creativity is not something that is required or may require, or rather, demand may be required, another thing is to be obtained. Look what I wrote on this subject for some time. They have to give the “environments” and resources needed for outbreak that creativity and that can apply to the commercial area.

20 to consider measures to be creative commerciallyAre many and varied requirements to be perceived by the customer a functional creativity (which have a positive commercial impact) from the point of view of the customer, if you think you commented those organizational aspects that I found, in a common way, between companies that actually produced a functional creativity in the commercial field:

  1. Early advocates of generating creativity and apply it was senior management
  2. They had a positive attitude towards functional creativity
  3. They are organizations that provoke creativity, much distance themselves from the traditional organization, based on control or hierarchy “blocker” which no enforcement, labor discipline and rigor
  4. These companies invest a lot of time and resources to meet customer and interact with this
  5. Create environments stimulating, enriching work, motivators
  6. Creativity is not land warren applicable only to the commercial area, the other areas of the organization had very creative features
  7. The change in all areas not assumed as inevitable, it is taken as an essential and necessary as a result of commercial creativity
  8. creativity and impact was audited, ie is not a question only to be creative, but that this will have a positive impact on the customer and a return to the business. Creativity has a purpose, not just a feature or competition
  9. Simplicity was very common in creative approaches
  10. Creativity in campaigns, actions or strategic business always, always had as their origin and destination customer, not the company and its lucimiento
  11. Creativity was not function and only obligation department personnel business or marketing, was necessary among engineers, technicians, administrative, etc. The commercial creativity working and trains, do not wait, so that investments are made in building creativity, training, benchmarking with other companies, lateral marketing, etc?
  12. Only it considered and valued as creative customer what you think creative
  13. It is given strategic creativity for their ability to become sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace, so who cares, is very simple, is rewarded, developed and controlled with much rigor
  14. It is controlled continuously ROI of creativity
  15. Nothing at first is a “commercial madness” break with the traditional limitations that may put people or organizations of habit. Everything is replanteable, everything can have an application of interest to the customer, all you can try the company
  16. Commercial work meetings very open, efficient and always with the premise of what will be different from the rest are set
  17. Are paradoxically much more creative organizations working well in groups that enhance the individuality. Cando creativity is a corporate power and are not fiefdoms that are located in certain people, everything works much better
  18. Creativity is “fed” in the company through actions to promote it
  19. When they start work dynamics where creativity is the objective functional and is internalized by the organization, its employees and the company never again bureaucratized work methods, static, less dynamic, based only on the control. Commercial creativity hooks

These are the common features that I perceived in those companies that have commercially branded as creative. It’s funny, but most of these companies so labeled, share 90% of these reasons. I hope you serve to evaluate your organization and know to what extent are creative commercially, or you can get to increase that creativity. Remember creativity is not required, or expected, planted and cared for, also in the commercial field.

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