The body art or body art is a style of conceptual art that was very important in the United States in the early sixties. The expressiveness of the body along with other art forms such as dance, theater or music mixes.

From the beginning of time man has been applied color on the skin. Rather than art, which also, as a sign of belonging to a group, to celebrate a rite or to reaffirm their identity or position in the social scale.

What is body artBody Art: Art on the human body

When he reappeared body art in the twentieth century did differently. The artist creates a picture of the model and the work is exhibited, only instead of a canvas is a person. There are even festivals in Europe and the United States dedicated to this type of art.

Although the body usually does not violate naked shame that people could have and practiced with a playful and artistic purpose. The reasons animals, especially cats, are the chosen ones. Sometimes supernatural or fantastic themes and camouflage are used. The body is no longer what is to become the picture that has been painted on it. You may also like to read

The hallmark of body art is that it is ephemeral because the vision painted body power is short, the duration of the representation, and one may again be seen through a picture or video.

This style also represents the work as a whole, the community, as opposed to individualism. But undoubtedly the most striking body art is that the body is the support and movement the absolute expression of the artist’s creation.

If we want to participate in this kind of art we must remember that there are very sensitive people and they can disturb nudity. We also have to use appropriate paint because we could endanger our health. It must also be clean sponges and brushes we use to paint the body and prevent the possible transmission of diseases.

With this post I hope I have clarified on what the Body Art If you dare to practice paint your body and be sure to tell us what the experience was. Find more beauty tips here.