Do you suffer drowsiness during the day, especially after eating or reading, or have memory loss? The distresses of sleep are a disorder that affects 6% of the population and can be treated with some of the treatments that we present below.

Symptoms of sleep apnea

When the airways become obstructed repetitively during sleep the patient, talk about obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). This disorder is more common in overweight men and women, who are past menopause, may cause the sudden awakening of the person in the middle of the night to experience a choking sensation. All this will lead us to not enough time to rest during the night and we suffer the feeling of drowsiness of which we spoke at the beginning during our workday.

Treatments for sleep apneaBeyond drowsiness, it is common that some deterioration intellectually with memory loss or even occur irritability. In addition to feeling that sleep was not quite refreshing in the morning, the person may experience headache. Other symptoms are of a cardiovascular, because apneas force the heart to pump blood more intensely each time lacks oxygen. Thus, most patients suffering hypertension ends up, increasing the risk of heart failure. You may also like to read

Treatments for sleep apnea

Depending on the severity of the disorder, there are several treatment options to consider for treating sleep apnea. In the event that the condition is mild, we can bet on introducing a series of healthy habits in our daily lives. Among others, we must choose to sleep on their side or upside down, since the supine position will cause the fact that the tongue and soft palate and pharynx deposited on end blocking the airway. We have also avoid alcohol and drugs with sedative effect, because by causing relaxation in the muscles of the pharynx with such substances clogging will be favored. It is important to lose weight because it will increase the caliber of the airways.

However, if the habits outlined above we do not get results, it is best to opt for the so- called nasal mask CPAP, which is connected to a device capable of blowing air into it with the necessary pressure will help us to maintain open airways above, thus avoiding blockage and snoring.

To address the latter, you can expect the treatment laser Fotona that bring us from this aesthetic clinic, responsible for transmitting heat in the mucosal tissue without actually burn, improving airflow in the airways. In this way the volume is reduced snoring and effects are minimized sleep apnea. We are facing a painless and lasting treatment.

In the most extreme cases, often resorting to surgery, the most known UPPP mode, consisting of removing part of the fabric of the back of the oral cavity, in the upper part of the throat and most frequently tonsils.

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