Learn how to avoid bad foot odor

How to avoid bad foot odor is for people who have this problem a top priority because you can create problems with others.

Causes of smelly feet

It is very important to understand that the bad smell of the feet is only a symptom that something is happening to us and not always, the problem is only on the feet. The causes of smelly feet can be several.

  • Presence of fungi or bacteria: Whose development on the feet directly generates the smelly feet? It is more typical in summer because of the heat and the fact more often go to places where many barefoot people (beach, swimming pools, gyms, etc.) go
  • Improper footwear: If it is hot and go with shoes that are too clogged our feet perspire and inevitably will sweat and produce odor. Its funny how many times just by changing the type of footwear disappears smelly feet.
  • Very upset nervous system: The stress is responsible, in many cases, the odor of the feet because it increases sweating.
  • Other causes of smelly feet can be hormonal imbalances, medications or some metabolic problems.

Learn how to avoid bad foot odorHome remedies that will help you eliminate bad foot odor

It uses only cotton socks or stockings or natural fibers since better absorb sweat and allow the foot to transpire better.

If you see you sweat more with certain shoes remedy is simple … do not give them away or put them more. As we have said before looking shoes that are not covered and that both design and the materials allow the foot to ventilate more easily. There are people who observe the feet sweat less in summer if you wear socks or stockings thin and short instead of going barefoot shoes directly.

Takes every opportunity to deescalate and walk without shoes or socks (at home, in the park, on the beach even winter, etc.) Walking barefoot for a few minutes on the grass wet with dew in the morning has been from the old one of the most effective natural remedies to eliminate foot odor but above all to improve our level of energy and health.

We can wash our feet, at night, with water and a splash of vinegar or an infusion of cold tea. Both natural remedies work just as well. Some people added, however, three tablespoons or magnesium sulfate tablespoons Epson salts.

Those who want to disinfect their shoes can try them overnight in the refrigerator or freezer (in a plastic bag) personally never have tried so do not know whether or not affect the status of the shoes so better Try with ones that are not expensive, or do not be too appreciation. Input should not damage them.

Herbal or medicinal plants to eliminate bad foot odor

  • Washing the feet, at night, with an infusion made from medicinal plants (sage, horsetail, thyme, walnut, etc.) is usually one of the most effective natural remedies. We will put two quarts of water to boil and then add four tablespoons of the mixture that we have discussed. Must boil one minute and stand (covered) for about ten minutes. This infusion, once and is cold, and can add two rosettes of sea salt or baking soda. Some people also add six drops of tea tree essential oil (Tea tree oil) will put his feet in a bucket with this infusion and put your feet for a few minutes. In addition to washing them and eliminate bad foot odor disappears observe that the feeling of fatigue in feet and legs.
  • The essential tea tree oil (available at pharmacies and health food stores), can also be applied directly on the feet every morning as it is ideal for removing all kinds of bacteria and fungi.
  • Propolis is also helpful to eliminate bad foot odor. We can add 20 drops to water or tea we use to wash our feet. You may also like to read https://carroussa.com/beauty/how-to-be-more-naturally-beautiful/

Highly recommended food

To remove the odor of the feet have to drink plenty of fluids (water, juices or juices or herbal teas) will help us to eliminate body toxins which have a sweat get less odor. Chlorophyll (liquid or tablet) also has a “deodorant” effect on our organism. Instead excess salt, cold meats and animal fats, alcohol and coffee always cooperate to the problem as they hinder the elimination of toxins.

A diet rich in fiber such as fruits sprouts and vegetables (especially salads) help us eliminate bad foot odor.

Coffee and other stimulants (alcohol, tea, cocoa, etc.) should be eliminated when there is a clear relationship with the nervous system to have a good “intestinal flora” we have to make fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut or pickled foods.

We can also benefit, internally, garlic (as food or as capsules) and grapefruit seed extract. Both help eliminate fungi and bacteria promoting from within eliminating foot odor. Find more beauty tips here.

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