Naturally Beautiful

How to be More Naturally Beautiful

Perhaps they don’t know it, but most women interested in semi permanent makeup in London and all across the UK are on a quest to be more naturally beautiful. It’s a bold claim to make. Tattooed make up sounds the very opposite of natural, however, once you understand what natural beauty is, all this changes.

Naturally Beautiful

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What is Natural Beauty?

Ask anyone this question and they will reel off a list of as long as your arm. However, ask a psychologist what natural beauty is and they’ll give you a totally different answer. Research shows, that more than any one single feature, facial symmetry has the most impact on our ideas of beauty.

Facial symmetry works like a secret code, sending messages from the DNA of the viewed person to the brain of the beholder. It tells the viewer, ‘this person’s DNA is healthy and robust’, and that is what the scientists claim we find beautiful and attractive.

Creating Natural Beauty with Symmetry

The vast majority of us do not have a high level of facial symmetry. You can see this for yourself by holding a flat mirror against your nose and looking at one side of you face reflected. The whole-face the reflection creates is not identical to your true face because the right and left side of your face are slightly different.

However, there are ways you can create the illusion of symmetry with your make-up routine. Using shading and highlights can give your face a more uniform look. Even more so, ensuring your eyebrows are identical in shape will effectively communicate that your face is far more symmetrical.

Getting Perfectly Symmetrical Eyebrows Everyday

Of course, this is easier said than done. For this reason, many women choose semi-permanent make up. A semi-permanent make up artist like knows exactly what shape flatters every face and style and knows how to create the illusion of natural symmetry. What’s more, by choosing semi permanent eyebrows, you can be sure your appearance doesn’t change from day to day.

So perhaps, semi permanent eyebrows aren’t everyone’s idea of natural beauty. However, once they’re completed, they’re essentially the same. Roll out of bed or step out of the shower and you’re already half way there. And after all, isn’t that the appeal of natural beauty?

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