The contouring is one of the techniques of makeup most popular of the moment; hence celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner use infrequently. This is a trend that plays with light and shadow alternating different colors, marking our factions and enhancing our beauty. We give you the keys to achieving spectacular results using this method.

To do this properly we must consider several factors such as the shape of the face, nose size or thickness of the lips. Depending on all this we will use different techniques. For example, we will promote the cheekbones if we refine our features, or add shadows to the sides if we are to make our round face. We will follow some advice or other depending on the effect we want to achieve.

Contouring, technical makeup of the famousApplying a technique such as contouring makeup

Improper application of contouring can be disastrous, so it is important to practice a lot and we test different methods. However, to begin with we must follow a few guidelines explained below:

1- Apply the base: It has to be the closest match possible to the natural tone of our skin and uniformly applied all over the face and neck. All with the skin clean and moisturized, and applying layers as necessary. It is important that this product does not have red hues, orange or shine.

2- We apply the shadows: For this we will use a base and the other darker shade lighter concealer. We use them to highlight or camouflage different areas, using the first to light up and give volume, and the second to give depth to certain features. You may also like to read

The course correction is usually applied in the center of the forehead, the arch of the eyebrow, above the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, chin, the upper lip, below the tear in the folds, and between the cheekbone and jaw.

The dark concealed is best suited for the jawline, below the cheekbones (to the ears), the temples, the line of the eye socket, the sides of the nose and the upper area of the forehead.

3- Combine large brushes with other fine: We will use the first for the jaw, temple, forehead and cheekbones. The fine brush is to mark the sides of the nose, and areas close to the eyes and the mouth.

4- Add blush to the cheeks: Then we will choose a light – colored blush and put a little on the cheeks. We have to do it carefully and sparingly, not to cover the product with the result of contouring. It will not be easier, therefore add little touches.

5- Smudge well: It is essential to correctly make this step so that the result is more natural. We have to blend all layers with a brush or sponge, making sure that there are no marks of different colors. Finally, to achieve greater fixation we can apply a translucent powder. Find more beauty tips here.