Uphill driving tips for van drivers

It can be daunting to navigate tricky uphill roads, whether in your own van or a rented one. A hill that may seem simple in a car can prove much more challenging due to increased size, limited rear visibility and the weight of your cargo. This article offers essential tips for van drivers, helping you on the route to safe, confident journeys.

Acceleration is your ally when approaching an incline since building momentum can impact your van’s ability to climb a hill swiftly – although don’t forget to keep within legal speed limits.

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Uphill roads require control, which hinges on your choice of gear. As you climb, opt for lower gears to afford you additional control during ascent so you can manoeuvre confidently. Listening to your engine is critical when dealing with a heavy load.


Avoid accidents by maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Allowing distance gives you the time and space to make quick decisions uphill, whether navigating a bend or avoiding a pothole.

Biting point

Getting a good grasp of your van’s biting point is crucial to a confident hill start. Use your mirrors to assess your surroundings and carefully release the handbrake to slowly start your hill climb without sudden movements.


A breakdown while driving uphill is a scenario van drivers dread, but it’s important to stay calm. If you find yourself in this situation, activate your handbrake, shift into first and release the clutch. Turn your hazard lights on to warn nearby drivers. Securing heavy objects like rocks behind your van’s rear wheels can help prevent rolling. Learn about common causes of breakdowns here..

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Travel with a warning triangle on board and deploy it as soon as it’s safe to do so. Contact your breakdown service straight away so you can get back behind the wheel swiftly.

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Uphill driving in vans demands skill, caution and knowledge. By applying these tips, van drivers can navigate inclines with confidence.

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