There is always a need for driving instructors and while many can train to get the qualifications necessary, not everyone naturally has the personal qualities and skill to be an exceptional instructor. Here are some of the crucial elements for becoming an excellent driving instructor:


This is one of the most important qualities, understanding that no two learners are the same and need different approaches. The progress of individuals needs to be monitored in a personal and tailored way. Each lesson must be adapted to suit the individual learner’s ability and favoured learning methods.

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Rather than sticking to a set way of teaching, a truly exceptional instructor will adapt and evolve their methods of teaching to create fun activities and maintain high levels of interest among their pupils. They also need to encourage inquisitiveness and a desire for learning and continual improvement in all of their students. For an excellent Driving Instructor Market Harborough, visit


Taking the initiative means having the ability to spot learning and teaching moments in a range of different scenarios. They are able to spot problems before they arise and can actively solve them without seeking guidance. They are able to teach this initiative and outlook to their students, giving them the confidence to solve problems independently. It’s about giving students the tools to succeed and take responsibility rather than making them simple followers of instructions.

Time Efficient

An effective instructor will make sure each student understands how they are progressing in terms of the end goal and be efficient in getting them to that goal. They will not prolong the number of lessons or delay a student from taking their test once the desired level of skill is met.

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A great instructor will need endless amounts of patience and be prepared to cover a manoeuvre hundreds of times if necessary. Shouting, criticism and impatient behaviour is not an environment conducive to productive learning, customer satisfaction or pupil retention!  Calmness and self-control are definitely required qualities.

Sense of Humour and an Open Mind

Humour is a useful tool for diffusing stress and nerves, helping both you and your students to relax. It also makes lesson time more fun and engaging. Having an open mind is also important as you won’t know anything about your students when they first enter your car. If you have any prejudices at all, you need to choose a different career!


This is the ability to instinctively know when a pupil requires help, feels worried, is stressed out, confused or distracted. Recognising these signs is important for averting any possible danger on the road and improve the situation but also displays strong knowledge and empathy for the pupil.