The Mercedes GLK, Luxury SUVs

The Mercedes GLK, in any of its versions, is a car that would allow us to travel the world, literally, and, as we promise performance and equipment under the most optimal for comfort and safety conditions.

With its 4.52 m in length, the Mercedes GLK offers a spacious and comfortable space, despite being 4 × 4 smaller of Mercedes Benz, which gives other advantages, including a more affordable price than their closest relatives, spectacular models of the M Class, G and GL.

The Mercedes GLK, Luxury SUVsThe versatility extrem to this car can roll down a highway with the comforts of a luxury saloon and when the situation requires, on land where the asphalt is only a memory and the escarpments and sludge jump to meet the traveler, the driver will check what you can do the technique to the service of the SUV. Headroom (fundamental parameter in Todoterreno) reaches 200 mm and can reach 230 if opted for a package Offroad respect. The unevenness on slopes that can withstand the Mercedes GLK is nothing less than the 70%. You may also like to read

Many factors make these features possible. The 4MATIC drive is one of them. The complex 4MATIC distributes engine power between the two pairs of wheels according to the circumstances of each moment. A selective distribution of this type helps optimum traction and stability in the most demanding conditions, increasing the speed and, at the same time, making the trip safer.

Available in petrol and diesel versions, the Mercedes GLK offers tempting equipment such as panoramic sunroof with improved air deflectors or heated seats. Passengers in the rear of the vehicle will have opportunities to not get bored on the trip if the CLK model includes reader DVD , the TFT screens and sockets and connections for watching movies or playing video games. For more visit our Auto sections.

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