The Citroen DS3 has become a bestseller. We will analyze the reasons for the great success of Citröen.

More than 300,000 units sold the Citroen DS3

The Citroen DS3  is being a success and has already surpassed the barrier of 300,000 units manufactured. Everything indicates that its design, its range of engines with price are a success. This is a sample of the creative spirit of the brand. In fact, much of its success comes from the customization options offered since its launch.

The critröen DS3, great successHow is the Citroen DS3

The DS3 offers up to 32 aesthetic options abroad : from the colors of the roof to the body, different types of tires, decorative details in different styles to customize both the roof and the mirror housings and side door moldings .

His body is 3.95 m long, 1.71 wide and 1.45 high. Also, the front seats are thin to favor space of 5 real seats.

The main data, speed, consumption, revolutions appear in a three-dimensional implementation of a design adapted to our times. It offers a trunk volume of 285 liters and has numerous storage compartments.

As for his behavior on the road, the Citroen DS3 combines comfort, agility and good driving for stringing gently twisting mountain roads. It should be noted that all the DS3 range has ESP. You may also like to read

Citröen DS3 equipment

ESP, ABS, electronic brake spread and emergency brake assist they are part of the standard equipment of the Citroen DS3 . We need to add to your passive safety is characterized by its 6 airbags, 3 – point belts and Isofix anchor in the rear side seats.

It will come with five engines, two diesel and three petrol. Diesel available will have 90 and 110 horses, while gasoline will begin with 90, 115, and end with a THP engine 155 hp.The Citroen DS3 has equipment driving aid as the limiter / voluntary speed regulator or the gear shift indicator, which advises us what gear changes that should be used for driving a more economical and ecological. For more visit our Auto sections.