When Denis Greentree went to work this week, he pulled out of the carport adjacent to his house as usual and drove off. However, on his arrival home, he found his carport was no longer there: the wind gusts, which reached 72kmh, had pulled it straight from out of its place.

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Carport Had Completely Blown Away

It was 11am that morning when Mr Greentree left home, but by the time he returned at 4pm, pulled up on to the driveway and got out, he noticed that something wasn’t quite right. He said that although he felt something wasn’t all it should be, it wasn’t until he reached his front door that he realised that the carport wasn’t actually there.

When he investigated further and peered out of his back window, he realised that his carport was actually in the middle on the yard! Had it been an oak carport, it might have withstood the winds. It would appear that the wind had carried it right over his house, and in its transit it had broken the TV antenna which was on the roof, pulled the clothes line from the ground and smashed the shed out in the back before finally landing in the yard.

Completely in shock, Mr Greentree couldn’t quite believe was he saw.

Owner Manages to Salvage His Backyard

The carport was a temporary structure and had been driven into its position with steel pegs. If it had been made from Bespoak Timber Frames, it might not have caused so much damage. With the help of his partner and daughter, they managed to secure the carport in the back garden to prevent it from blowing away in case it caused more damage from the strong winds.

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Advantages of a Carport

Carports come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many advantages to having a carport, one of which is to protect them from the weather. Good-quality carports are durable and are considered to be a great alternative to garages as they cost less to install and are designed to protect a vehicle.

Afterwards, he assessed the situation. Part of the carport had been destroyed, and while the clothes line had been completely ruined, he did think he’d be able to fix the damage to the shed.