SKODA Spaceback incorporates the latest technology

Do you want to know the latest model of car from the house SKODA, designed for the most demanding drivers? A dynamic and sporty styling, the new SKODA Spaceback will become the perfect lure for the younger audience, do you want to see?

This new car model will awaken all our senses when we get ready to touch our compact and elegant steering wheel with our hands. Our road trips will never be the same on the back of SKODA Spaceback, one of the great revolutions in the world of the engine, we can find on the market.

SKODA Spaceback incorporates the latest technologyIts silhouette is marked by dynamic lines and characteristic play of light and shadows that surround it in an attractive and sports structure. This new jewel of the road adapts to the latest technology to give the driver all facilities.

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Among other things, it incorporates a system hill start for any driver can travel with your car up slope with ease. We also highlight the provision of rear parking sensors with acoustic warning, as well as exclusive storage spaces inside to place the drink, the wallet or the phone. It also includes a multimedia compartment so you can include the latest and most innovative digital devices.

On the other hand, the trunk of the vehicle and its interior stands out for its ample space and large, characteristics of a family compact so you can move freely and flexibility all passengers.

Another of his most characteristic details can be found in the comfort of their seats “Simply Clever”. The exterior is complete with xenon and fog lights with corner function, alloy wheels ranging from 15 “to 17” and sunset darkened crystals to protect from the sun’s rays.

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