Six types of car you can hire in the UK

When booking a hire car, there are two important considerations. First, consider the size of the vehicle, to make sure that it will accommodate all of your passengers and luggage. Secondly, the cost is important, as everyone has a budget and some vehicles will cost more than others due to their specification or other special features.

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There are typically 6 types of hire cars to choose from in the UK. These are:

1. Small/Compact

This typically describes a small 3-door hatchback. It will be easy to park but only seat up to 4 people with minimal luggage.

2. Medium

This will be a larger 5-door hatchback or potentially a small saloon or estate car. It will comfortably seat 4-5 adults and have space for a conservative amount of luggage.

3. Large

This will describe a large estate or saloon, or potentially even a people carrier. It should accommodate up to 7 people with ample space for all of their luggage.

4. SUV

This will be a large vehicle, potentially fitted with a towbar or roof rails and it may have 4WD. Most SUVs will seat 5 adults with ease, with plenty of room for luggage.

5. Sports/Luxury

This category could describe a sporty vehicle, such as a coupe or a convertible. These vehicles will be high-powered and stylish.

6. Electric cars

If you are visiting cities with Ultra Low Emissions Zones, an electric car may be a wise choice to avoid the charges that you would otherwise incur.

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Car hire excess insurance

When you hire a car, you become responsible for paying the insurance policy excess in the event that the vehicle is damaged or stolen while in your possession. Taking out car hire excess insurance means that you will not be burdened with paying these often-inflated fees in the event that the hire ends badly.

To protect yourself from unexpected costs and to maximise your enjoyment of your rental car, it is sensible to take out car hire excess insurance before you collect the car.

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