Six common car hire mistakes to avoid

When there is a need to use a temporary vehicle, perhaps because you are on holiday, your own car is unavailable or you need a car of a different type to facilitate a house move, there are some common mistakes that must be avoided if money is to be saved.

Why hire a car?

The need to hire a car should be identified from the outset, enabling a much better choice to be made. If you need to hire a car for a short period to explore a new area, for example, this can enable you to plan in advance and only hire the vehicle for the time required.

Where the purpose of the rental is to act as a family car while the main car is unavailable, it may be possible to reduce the size of the vehicle if it is only going to be used for short commutes.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring a car

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Let’s take a look at six common car hire mistakes:

1. Almost all car hire companies will require you to share details of your driving licence with them at the point of picking up the vehicle. If you share these details online using a code produced by the DVLA, the collection process will be streamlined.

  1. Always compare the options available to you by using a comparison site such as This will look at all the providers based on your chosen dates and locations and provide the cheapest options.

    3. Choose your collection and return location carefully. City centres and airports are often more expensive, so travelling a few miles extra could save you money.

    4. Consider the extras offered carefully; for example, car hire excess insurance can add to the cost but reduce the risk of unexpected bills in the event of an accident.

    5. Choose the right vehicle for your needs; for example, a large 4×4 is unlikely to be required for the family commute.

    6. Finally, choose a driver over the age of 25 to keep the cost down

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