The second creation of Pininfarina presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 is a work of the most audacious, but in which have participated motorsports legends. Behind the project is Emmerson Fittipaldi (champion of the F1 world in 1972 and 1974 and twice victorious in the Indy 500).

Pininfarina Fittipaldi EF7 If you buy one, Emmerson Fittipaldi will give you pilot lessonsFittipaldi, who continues to drive in his 70s, had been wanting to create his own sport. His finances did not allow him so he recruited the best collaborators for his project: Pininfarina for the design and the conception, HWA (the signature of Hans-Werner Aufrecht, responsible for the manufacture of Mercedes in DTM and one of the founders Of AMG) for the realization and engineering and Polyphony Digital (yes, those of Gran Turismo) for the commercialization. Come, that Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo does not lack renowned sponsors. You may also like to read

While the EF 7 Vision Gran Turismo joins the cast of virtual concept cars made for the famous Polyphony Digital game, a lucky few will be able to drive the EF7 in real-life circuitry. The idea of Emmerson Fittipaldi is to propose a race car with the ease of use of the typical track day car. The Ferrari FXX K or Aston Martin Vulcan need a complete team (engineers, mechanics, spare parts, etc) every time they go out and roll. With the EF7, you’re supposed to get the car out of the trailer and start rolling. 

The EF7 Vision Gran Turismo will have a limited production (of about 25 units manufactured at the HWA factory in Affalterbach) and each client will have the opportunity to receive pilot coaching from Emmerson Fittipaldi himself in a training program designed by himself. In addition, they will be able to join the Fittipaldi Racing Club that provides departures and runs in the most emblematic circuits of the world.

At the technical level, the EF7 will weigh about 1000 kg and has been designed as a racing car (central monohull with safety bow integrated in carbon fiber). It measures 4.60 m long by 1,989 m wide and only 1,12 m high, with a free height of only 6 cm.

The engine has been designed by HWA for EF7. It is a V8 at 90º atmospheric of 4.8 liters of displacement and dry carter that develops something more than 600 hp at 8250 rpm, with the cut to 9,000 turns, and that delivers 510 Nm to 6,000 turns.There is still no data on their benefits or price (but if you have to ask …). For more visit our Auto sections.