“Made by people”, diversity is the key to Volvo

The diversity in the field of automotive drives innovation, creativity manifests that for so long had asleep within us and, ultimately, can create smarter and safer cars. The concept Made by people reflects perfectly, where the best is created by people.

“Made by people,” Maybe it is created by people

The birth of innovative something has to have different solutions and foster critical thinking, beyond nationality or place of origin of each. In the automotive world it is the same.

Made by people, diversity is the key to VolvoThe value of creating a new vehicle is not whether it has made an American, a Korean, a Swedish or Italian. What is really important is that has been created by people. The human being is the one who builds the best cars of the moment, regardless of labels that are used both in today’s society.

A good example of the concept Made by People find it represented in the firm Volvo, which since the early 50s struggles to get responsible for creating all this fleet, which has so amazed the world during this time, they are of different nationalities and countries. They are what make the company not only more humane, but better.

As says Björn Annwall, senior vice president of marketing, sales and service of Volvo Cars, the diversity is a term that encompasses much more than age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. For the same reason they have today with employees of up to 50 different nationalities. Each and every one of them, he says, contribute actively to the work of marketing, development, design, sales or service their vehicles.

Volvo XC60, an example of Made by People

One of the most representative examples of all the above discussions can be found in the new Volvo XC60, a vehicle is the result of the concept “Made by people”. In search of freedom, as well as the most refined and elegant lines, this model will provide the driver a sense of control thanks to a dashboard facing position. Its three – spoke steering wheel, based on a powerful motorcycle design, connect you to the road and the sensation of speed.

With an ergonomic design, sports seats of this vehicle will provide maximum comfort in your road travel, not to mention its interesting side support that will keep the starting position, even when you see in the obligation to take on the curves present in your way.

To connect with the surrounding world, the famous car company about us Volvo Sensus system. You will be able to transform seven – inch screen on the dashboard in an almighty information center and entertainment connected to the network of networks through Sensus Connect. If you want to be connected to your vehicle at all times, you will have the app Volvo on Call. This tool allows you to control the temperature, location, status or closing the vehicle.

The security is one of the strengths of this model. Technology collision avoidance City Saftey, when driving at speeds exceeding 50 km / h, analyze the area in front of your car and brake automatically if you go to crash into another vehicle present on the road.

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