Many people have heard of road rage or experienced it themselves. They may have had road rage or been the victim of another driver’s road rage. Road rage is a phenomenon that is hard to define, but is characterised by aggressive and impatient behaviour on the road. It can be dangerous.

Road rage does not have a single cause. It can be caused by someone who is late, makes a stupid mistake, lacks judgement or even someone in a bad temper! One of the main things that can lead to road rage is tailgating and this is something that many drivers hate. It is also dangerous, because there is no way to safely stop if necessary.

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Motorways are subject to additional safety measures due to their speed. They also have the same safety measures as normal roads, like the use of Chapter 8 chevrons for emergency vehicles or those that might need to stop on the highway. Find out about Chapter 8 chevrons by visiting a site like PVL, specialists in Chapter 8 chevrons.

It is hard to control road rage because it can occur anywhere, at any time. It is a good idea if you have frequent bouts of road anger to learn how to control it. It is normal to become angry and frustrated when someone does something wrong, or makes us late. However, engaging in unsafe behaviour on the roads certainly is not the best solution and could put yourself, your passengers and other road users in jeopardy!

You can also help yourself by being calm and relaxed when driving. For example, if your day was bad at work or you had just argued, you should calm down and relax before you start. Otherwise, you may react in an unsafe manner. You should also allow yourself enough time to reach your destination. This will help you not get upset if you’re delayed.

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It is important to stop road rage from getting worse if you’re the victim. You should acknowledge your mistake if you are confronted by another driver. Avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver as this could escalate the situation. Find a safe place to stop if you feel frightened or upset by an incident of road rage. It can make you feel very on edge so it’s best to stop and calm down before continuing your journey.