BMW i3, the first electric car the German manufacturer

The model BMW i3 stands as the first electric car the German manufacturer, which successfully combines respect for the environment with the practicality and effectiveness in driving for the user when traveling by road. What you want to discover? In that case, do not miss what we tell you then.

How is the new BMW i3?

With a body minivan almost 4 meters long, five – door, four-seater, the new BMW i3 incorporates a 3G connection that will control different aspects of the vehicle remotely connect to the network of networks, check the status of traffic or see the Street view.

BMW i3, the first electric car the German manufacturerIf we focus on the mechanical, the car has its own electric motor and a power of 170 hp provided by the BMW eDrive, which together with a battery of 22 kWh of capacity will provide autonomy approved of 190 km and a maximum speed 150 km / h.

One of the biggest challenges was to achieve a German firm electric vehicle and more sustainable with the environment that would keep intact the essence of the brand. For this reason, since 2007 a team of engineers has been dedicated to develop this vehicle. Despite the novelty bet to build the carbon bodywork on an aluminum chassis when taking it to the big series, really it has not changed this setting. One of the revolutions for the signature that can be found in this car is represented in the design, lighter than previous models and other higher altitude and narrower. With such dimensions is presented as a perfect car for driving in big cities. You may like to read

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Another feature to consider we see displayed in the lower window line characterized by irregularity due to the greater height of the rear windows, which are fixed and cannot be opened. The bonnet and tailgate are painted a bright black color in contrast to the rest of the body. All this not to mention the originality of the opening system, since the rear opening in the opposite direction to the front.

If we travel into this new model, we realize that plastic and leather give way now to the carbon and ecological materials based on recyclable raw materials and completely new driving position. Beyond the wheel you can find a small screen where you can manage your vehicle and a small knob of the steering column with the P, D, R or N is selected in the BMW i3 , the old analog controls of the center console, will give way to a large touch screen.

Permanent Internet connection with an effective navigation system and software highly developed the BMW i3 reports on all the data we want instantly by a central large screen, either from the point of closest loading to more convenient to reach our desired destination route. With regard to the position behind the wheel, you can easily get settled in a seat that despite its slim appearance, is comfortable for the driver.

Despite his condition electric car with a heavy batteries, the company has achieved self light, thanks partly to the use of carbon fiber. What do you think about it the new BMW i3 as the first electric car company? For more visit our Auto sections.

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