Basic keys to buying a second hand car

The market for used vehicle stands as one of the most popular in times of economic crisis in which we find ourselves, to the extent that the sale of such cars has grown 13% in the first quarter of 2016. in BMW Premium Selection you can find good options for buying a second hand car BMW.

A total of 586,981 units of vehicles were sold during the first four months of the year, if we stick to the official data provided by the comparator. Next to Opel Astra and Ford Focus, the BMW 3 Series has been one of the most popular models during this period.

Without any doubt, highly competitive prices and the extensive offer about make the used car becomes an increasingly sought alternative among the population.

Basic keys to buying a second hand carTips for buying a second hand car

However, before rushing into the purchase of second – hand vehicles we have to take into account a number of fundamental factors. One of the first decisions we must make relates to opt between an individual and a specialized company. Given these two variables, we must be aware that both distribution networks of the brands used as second – hand shops provide greater legal guarantees you purchase. However, when making claims to a particular besides being more complex, it is also more expensive.

Also, you should know that buying a used car at a dealership Handy amenities least one year warranty, whereas if you do it through a particular you will have only six months to claim in case of damage or any damage .

When purchasing such vehicles do not hesitate at any time to ask the seller on issues such as mileage, how they have used their previous owners, many have been the latter accidents has suffered reasons for the sale or mechanical history.All this information can be particularly relevant when making a decision.

You have to make sure at all times that there are no outstanding payments on this vehicle and make sure that the seller is its sole owner. At the same time, it is vital to check the documentation of the vehicle and its technical data, registration certificate or certificate of the latest ITV. Among the possible mechanical alterations, you have to take into account the state of the body, exhaust or tire pressure.

When you examined the vehicle, the next step to consider is to request a report in the Traffic Department. You only have to fill out an application, pay 8.30 dollars and provide a document proving the identity and address of the holder automobile.So you can access data particularly relevant as the charges that may have the vehicle if allowed to run, the name of who is and who their former owners.

When you disposition to sign the contract of sale you have to make sure how it will conduct the monetary operation. If you buy this vehicle in a commercial establishment you will not pay more than 2500 dollars in cash, and there is not this limit between individuals.

If you choose to buy a used car in BMW Premium Selection you will have a number of interesting advantages, of which we want to echo in our blog engine.Now, with the famous car firm, you can enjoy with your pre-owned BMW 4 – year warranty, maintenance and other 4 a year of insurance. To find your BMW, in your web space created for the occasion, you just indicate the series that best suits your preferences and availability (1 to 7, X, Z, M) and model, mileage, fuel and price.

With all these specified data, your browser will help you find the type of BMW that can best fit your needs. You do not need to be the first to enjoy a new car to make the most of each and every one of its features.

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