Electrification has entered the automotive landscape so fully, that unthinkable things happen a few years ago, as a preparer enters the paths of hybridization to add more salt and pepper to a production model. It has done ABT, the firm specializing in the Volkswagen Group, which has just shown the world a new vision of the Audi RS6 that increases its power to 1068 hp.

ABT first flirted with the mild-hybrid mechanics of the Audi A8 in a timid preparation on the diesel variant of the German saloon and now surprises us with a vision of the Audi RS6 Avant that exceeds 1000 hp thanks to incorporate an electric drive to its propeller TFSI V8.

Dubbed ABT RS6-E, the new offshoot of the German specialist is a mere prototype: ABT has wanted to explore the honeys of hybridization and it can not be denied that the starting point is not bad. What remains to be seen is whether it has been a mere approach or if we will begin to see hybrid preparations signed by ABT.

730 CV + 288 HP in the menu

The first thing that the German coach has done is to start with what he knows: getting an injection of power to the V8 TFSI of 4.0 liters and 560 HP of the Audi RS6 Avant. ABT achieves this thanks to the incorporation of its own electronic control module, ABT Engine Control (AEC), as well as modifying the exhaust system of the German model. Thanks to these contributions, its delivery rises to a generous 730 CV.

Until then we could be facing a classic preparation of ABT with a great 170 additional CV, but there are days when you get up and think you want to do something different. This must have happened to the guys at the German firm. So neither short nor lazy, they decided that why not go further and add an electric propeller of no less than 288 HP to convert the most radical family member into an airplane. Said and done.

This engine is located in the transmission tunnel of the ABT RS6-E and gives all its strength to the rear axle, which results in a combined power of 1068 HP. Its energy is taken from a relatively small battery with 13.6 kWh capacity, which already gives us clues about several nuances that must be taken into account in this preparation.

Zero emissions nitrous oxide

The first thing is that this electric motor of almost 290 hp does not always operate: it only does it when we press a button located on the steering wheel, which ABTcalls Magic Button, and which is painted in a very suitable green color with a spoke painted on the inside . At that time the 730 hp of the ABT RS6-E becomes 1,068 hp but only for a short period of time, specifically 10 seconds : the lapse enjoyed by this electric motor before reaching its maximum temperature. For its part, the maximum torque increases to an incredible 1291 Nm.

This is what has been power on demand, very similar to the KERS of the cars of Formula 1. As with this technology, the electric propeller of the ABT RS6-Eoperates as a nitro, sticking to the seat during these seconds.

With this in hand, the figure offered by ABT in terms of acceleration seems somewhat moderate: make the 0-100 km / h in 3.3 seconds, only six tenths less than the conventional model. This is because the Magic Button is only operational when the 100 km / h is exceeded. That yes, once overcome that strip, it can give free rein to its enormous potential.

Although ABT reveals that the ABT RS6-E reaches 320 km / h, we understand that this maximum speed refers to the good performance of the combustion engine when it is not in accordance with the electrical module. Not in vain, the standard RS6 Avant reaches up to 305 km / h if equipped with the Dinamics package: taking into account that the preparation exceeds 1,000 hp the speed with both engines combined should be higher. But ABT keeps the secret, as it does not confirm that we can see in the future more preparations of this type.