Tourism is usually always one of the biggest contributors to a country’s economy. There are many reasons why people travel, for business, to see friends and family, for religious pilgrimages, for a holiday and also for education. Education tourism is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of the tourism industry.  Education tourism itself comes in a variety of guises.

  • The first one that springs to mind is that over the overseas student visiting a country to complete their studies. Whether this is at a university, specialist school or boarding school. If you are sending your child to a UK Boarding School, it is worth enlisting the support of an educational specialist like

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  • Educational visits also fall into the category of education tourism. This could be school trips within your own country or residential trips abroad. Most secondary schools will have some form of study trip abroad on offer to their students. The younger age ranges tend to visit within their countries.
  • Study experiences abroad often occur for students studying at university level. These may be a placement year for student studying language or travel and tourism and give the students an opportunity to experience another country whilst working in their desired sector, all to form a part of their studies.
  • Foreign exchange – this is where students from one country visit another for means of enhancing their language skills and to learn about the country. Students often stay in homes with families and their children may return to visit the other country at a later date.
  • Specialist camps – There are a variety of camps available across the world, whether this is international camps arranged by organisations such as the Guides or Scouts or whether they are sector specific camps enabling students to listen to lectures and take part in activities arranged by specialists in that field of work.

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Educational tourism tends to have less of an impact on an area than other forms of tourism. They are usually visiting for a specific reason or have a specific interest and they will be looked after by educational staff during their stay. There will be less of an opportunity for students to end up in the bars and clubs of the area and so the disruption caused by these groups is usually minimal.

Do you have a school trip, either abroad or in your home country that you remember well?