The caravanning industry is experiencing a major boom, with more holidaymakers looking to go on camping trips than ever before. The industry made 13.7% more caravans than previous years and in the last 6 months there have been more than 12 million camping trips.

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In the past caravanning was seen as a cheap and cheerful option, filled with rainy days and midnight trips to the outdoor toilets. Thankfully nowadays the experience can be luxurious, with camper vans offering all the mod cons.

The Rise of the Staycation

Staycations have risen in popularity as holidaymakers are turned off going abroad due to the weak pound. Instead of heading to the sun of southern Europe, people are staying in the UK and camping.

Camping holidays are perfect for families with young children, as they can play outside and explore the countryside. It is an affordable way to go on holiday more than once per year, travel extensively across the country and spend time with family.

There are many campervans to suit all budgets and you can find a great selection online to browse at sites such as Welsh Coast Campers. If you are looking for a campervan to buy, such as a Welsh Coast Campers campervan, you can also get finance to make buying the van an easier and more affordable process.

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Luxury Living

Modern caravans and campervans are now more like little holiday cottages and feature luxuries such as flat-screen TVs, modern kitchens, showers and flushable toilets. They often have dishwashers and other kitchen appliances that you would expect in a regular kitchen too. Campervans at the higher end of the market can sell for £70,000, so for those looking for more pampering and luxury, they can still get it with camping holiday.

As families look for the staycation instead of going abroad, older people and retirees are also taking advantage of campervans and caravans as they explore the country. With more time on their hands they are the perfect candidates for a trip across the UK at their own pace.

It is also a convenient way to holiday. With a campervan or caravan you can turn up and set up home. If you are visiting family or friends if means they don’t need to prepare the spare room as you can easily sleep in your caravan outside.